Cargo / Cargo Terminal

Cargo / Cargo Terminal

Terminal administration:

Phone: 73 103 000
Fax: 73 103 044
Postal address: Enfidha-Hammamet, 4030 Enfidha, Tunisia


Description Area(sqm)
Import Warehouse 2000 sqm
Export Warehouse 1531 sqm
Operators Offices 188.5 sqm
Forwarders Offices 348 sqm
Custom Offices 300 sqm
Carpark 4000 sqm
Special apron 4330 sqm

Funeral Services

The family of deceased persons arriving from abroad should contact the health control administration at the airport (Phone: 73 103 000 ext 6669) in order to get official authorization.

The Enfidha delegation should be contacted by the family of the deceased person to obtain a Corpse Transportation Authorization. In this respect the document delivered by the Health Control Administration is necessary. Phone number of Enfidha delegation : 73 250 001.

The Corpse Transportation Authorization must be delivered to the Airport Police Administration (73 103 000 ext 5300).

A Form should be signed with the Customs Administration (73 103 000 ext 5503) before the reception of the coffin.

Useful Information

Shopping & Dining
Shopping & Dining

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Flight Information
Flight Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Schedules, price information and ticket operations regarding flights are under the control and responsibility of the airline companies. You can access detailed and accurate information from your airline company.
Airline companies are responsible for all procedures after check-in, during loading of luggage to aircraft and afterwards. Therefore you should make your application to related airlines company Lost-Damaged Luggage Units with your identification and luggage information.