Location Hire for Film Shooting

Location Hire for Film Shooting

Type of service

Up to 3 hours (TND)

Between 3-6 hours (TND)

Between 6-12 hours (TND)

For 24 hours (TND)

Professional filming





Professional photographs by individuals or institutions

1000 TND

1000 TND

2000 TND

2000 TND


Prices are intended in Tunisian Dinars TND.

Principles to be observed:

  • Individuals or institutions who wish to undertake professional filming or photo shooting at Enfidha-Hammamet Airport have to obtain a written permit to TAV Tunisia 48 hours in advance. Written approval should also be obtained, by the service requester, from the national related institutions and delivered to TAV Tunisia.
  • TAV Tunisia holds the right to determine the date, place and duration of the film/photo shooting to avoid interference with the smooth running of the operations and overall activities at the airport.
  • Fees of side services, car park and use of any devices to be provided by TAV Tunisia are determined and allocated in cash by TAV Tunisia. The service requester should inform TAV Tunisia in advance of such needs.
  • Any loss or damage that may occur during filming or photo shooting, such as fire, damage to airport equipment, etc. are determined by TAV Tunisia and collected in cash.
  • Filming or photo shooting in restricted areas is subject to 20% extra-charge.
  • Filming or photo shooting by airlines/airport stakeholders, or on behalf of them, which carries non-commercial purposes (training, exercise, operational etc…) is free of charge.
  • Filming or photo shooting by governmental entities, or on behalf of them, is free of charge.


  • Based on requested services, a proforma invoice should be delivered by TAV Tunisia Finance Department to the service requester.
  • Fees are collected in cash before proceeding to filming or photo shooting.
  • All fees are VAT included

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