Catchment Areas

Catchment Areas

Enfidha Airport is ideally located close to the main tourist resorts in Tunisia. It serves more than 80 per cent of the touristic and holiday centers of the country. As such, it is the most convenient entry point to Tunisia for tourists, international business and visitors at large.

Main Cities and Touristic Resorts Served by the Airport

City Distance Ride Time Means of Transportation
Tunis 99 km 54 mn Touristic taxis
Sousse 43 km 24 mn Touristic taxis
Hammamet 48 km 27 mn Touristic taxis
Nabeul 55 km 30 mn Touristic taxis
Kairouan 61 km 34 mn Touristic taxis
Monastir 65 km 36 mn Touristic taxis
Mahdia 105 km 58 mn Touristic taxis
Sfax 167 km 90 mn Touristic taxis

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