Environmental Policy

Enfidha-Hammamet and Monastir Airports are key players in the economic and social growth of the Sahel region in Tunisia. Indeed, a significant number of direct and indirect jobs have been created since the starting of TAV Tunisia in 2007.

In compliance with TAV Airports Holding-chart, TAV Tunisia SA is committed to operate, develop and maintain both Airports in line with the principles of sustainable development.

To successfully implement TAV Tunisia policy, an Environmental Management System that meets ISO 14001 international standards is being set. TAV Tunisia subscribes to the following five environmental management principles:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations;
  • Prevent and minimize adverse environmental impacts associated with our airports’ operations;
  • Integrate environment factors in all our activities;
  • Evaluate and improve our environmental performances;
  • Disclose all our environmental performances to the competent authorities, representatives of nearby towns, residents and environmental associations.

Climate change and air quality control are continuous concerns of TAV Tunisia which is committed to reduce GHG emissions by applying a responsible energy management and the highest standards in energy efficiency like trigeneration.

TAV Tunisia is pursuing innovative energy sources like photovoltaic energy.

TAV Tunisia will report its GHG emissions though the airport carbon accreditation program of ACI Africa.

TAV Tunisia environmental performances will be benchmarked with the performances of the neighboring airports in the Mediterranean region

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