Banks and Currency Exchange Offices


Major national banks are located at the airport and operate branches in both the arrival and Departure halls, offering regular banking services to passengers and airport visitors.

Bank Boxes Location Phone
QNB Departure Hall 73 856 039
Amen Bank Departure Hall 73 856 156
BNA Departure Hall 73 856 021
La poste Tunisienne Departure Hall 73 856 042
La poste Tunisienne Arrival Hall 73 856 043
BIAT Arrival Hall 73 856 069

Cash machines

Cash machines (ATMs) are available in the arrival and departure halls. Major credit cards are accepted.

Arrival Hall
BNA Arrival Hall
STB BANK Arrival Hall
La Poste Tunisienne Arrival Hall
Departure Hall
QNB Departure Hall
BIAT Departure Hall
Amen BANK Departure Hall
STB BANK Departure Hall
La Poste Tunisienne Departure Hall

Bank Branch