SMS Guide

    The main airside safety objective is to maintain an efficient and safe environment for aircraft, vehicles, staff and passengers. The Safety Management System structure has developed an SMS guide which defines the basics and the good standings of aerodrome safety. It also provides effective tools for recovery information for all safety events.

    The Safety Management System guide is a handbook offering some guidelines related to aerodrome safety rules which have to be applied by all Enfidha -Hammamet International Airport staff and stakeholders.

    The outlines of the guide are:

    • Safety definitions: “Aircraft” , “Collision “and “Fire” Safety Perimeters
    • Safety Instructions: Priority, Jet blast and measures to be taken in safety perimeters.
    • Safety Vehicle and equipment movement: Priorities, speed limits and equipment best use.
    • Safety Measures to parking, weather , PPE , smoking and FOD.
    • Safety Notification :Example of notification and contact information.

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